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Holidays for body and mind

Enjoy a a relaxing break from everyday life in a prime location! Leave the stress, hassle and discomfort at home, treat your body and your soul, relax and unwind during a stay in the Guesthouse Alpenkranz.

In collaboration with Vita alpina Gap - vitality, wellbeing, health we are happy to offer since 2012 in addition to a wonderful stay in the approved Garmisch-Partenkirchen a variety of vital programs - so that you can recover while being on vacation. We will inform you about our current offers on request (simply use the contact box on the left). Of course, we can offer a pristine holiday in one of our beautiful single or double rooms. We are happy to assist you if you have any special requirements relating to the vitality offers and length of stay.


Excerpts from the current vital program:

Anti-stress treatment (5 days)
5x bed and breakfast at the Guesthouse Alpenkranz, 1x facial treatment for sleep, 3x Zirbelholzpack, 2x relaxation acupuncture, EAV testing of the appropriate natural medicine medication for stress reduction, 2x Nordic Walking

Heukur (5 days)
5x bed and breakfast at the Guesthouse Alpenkranz, 3x full body wrap with hay, 3x Heukräuter foot baths, 1x "Pure Nature" Gruber-face treatment, 2x classical massages, 2x nordic walking in mountain nature Werdenfelser

Exit-intensive treatment (approximately 3 weeks)
Bed and breakfast at Guesthouse Alpenkranz, bioresonant the Ausleitungsorgans through to load heavy metals, pathogens, vaccines, 3x Bioresonanztherapien to activate Ausleitungsorgans, 1x facial treatment Gruber with facial lymphatic drainage, 3x salt foot baths with peeling, 3x fragrant, warm herbal packs to activate detoxification, 1x plan homeopathic drainage and acid-base diet